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Roads Eroding: A Junior Conceptual Project by Alexander Kim (2014)

I tend to find myself in a state of relief after pursuing my instincts, despite the hard work I must put into it. I always find myself accomplishing something i set my mind to, and something that I had a gut feeling about. The roads criss-crossing in different directions represent the paths you choose to take in life, just like the branches of a tree extend in different directions. The only way to choose the right path is to follow my instincts I've found.

In Design class, we used both digital and fine art mediums to provide a contrast of the two. The tree and and floating neurons were created using Adobe Illustrator in the foreground, and the background was a fine art piece that was made with water colors and acrylic mediums. This layer was blended in an image from the internet of space. Which had a lowered opacity in order to see the other aspects of this piece. I used very calming colors to provide a sense of relief. The tree was meant to be the focal point of the piece.
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