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Cain: A Junior Conceptual Project by Elizabeth Leung (2014)

I am exploring the feeling of jealousy resulting from loss. The dead blue lamb shows loss; the color of blue is associated with hospitals and institutionalized death. Lambs represent innocence, but they are often used as martyrs or sacrifices to gods. The vines depict jealousy, since vines strangle people and never let go afterwards. Similarly, jealousy continues to build up once it takes hold, until it begins to dictate your every move and interaction. The vines change from green, ''green with envy'', to black shadows, when jealousy starts pushing for retribution or misguided justice, with questionable moral implications. The foot walking away seems ambiguous(is it controlling the vines, or is it being attacked by the vines?), displaying the ambiguous righteousness of jealousy.

For my fine art portion, I took a photo of a foot. I wanted a realistic looking object that I could later distort without losing the original shape. I also used watercolor to create the patches of color underneath the foot. The colors are reminiscent of colorful funerals flowers placed on someone's grave. I wanted to use watercolor to give the colors a softer look that I could manipulate digitally if needed.
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