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Green Insecurities: A Junior Conceptual Project by Emma Bridgland (2014)

My concept is the feeling of insecurity by having to earn money. People can feel insecure about earning money for many different reasons, most of which are more negative than positive. Money can consume a persons life, hence the third dimensional globe withholding a person, and if they are ashamed or embarrassed by the way they earn money it can be more consuming. The green noose the person is hanging from resembles their insecurities. I decided to do a plain black background to make the object in the center pop. I have green hands around the frame which also indicates money being a scary, consuming object.

I made a shadow box/globe with a person hanging inside to show the concept. The globe is green which resembles money and it is three dimensional so it is showing consumption of the person inside. I paper macheyed the globe so I could make it hollow on the inside and have rough edges around the opening. I used pipe cleaners to make the person inside because they are easy to make shapes with and they are light so I was able to hang up the globe. I made the inside of the globe dark green because I wanted the person to be hanging in darkness but I didn't want to use black because the person is made of black and white pipe cleaners. I made the person mostly black because the blackness is supposed to show the darkness and insecurities that they feel.
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