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Happiness from Parental Conflict: A Junior Conceptual Project by Hiba Absar (2014)

My concept statement is ''happiness from parental conflict''. Personally, I dislike it when my parents fight. I decided to take a sarcastic view on my statement. I thought of it as hiding true emotions. I chose to use a finger pointing, and a fist to show the conflict. For the background, I portrayed children on the swings at an amusement park. This demonstrates happiness. I kept the colors very bright and bold to point out the false happiness.

This piece was created with watercolor paints, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and glitter. I painted the background with watercolors to get blended colors, and utilized Photoshop to mix them together even more. I traced the children on the swings on Illustrator. I covered the pointing finger and fist in glitter to emphasize the fake happiness.
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