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Welcome to the Retro: A Junior Conceptual Project by Hunter Coffman (2014)

For my piece, I explored the feeling of nostalgia, specifically from the passage of time. In my piece, I showed the integration of a new, modern world with that of an old, retro style. I took a photo in downtown Mountain View to ensure a modern environment, but made sure no humans or cars were in the photo to preserve the void of real life. This was because I wanted to represent the feeling of nostalgia through the pixelated characters I integrated into the piece.

I also chose the game characters to portray the passage of time. Throughout the relatively short period gaming has existed, the medium has evolved immensely. Along with this progression through time, gaming has allowed us to reminisce over old games, even though they aren't all that old.

I used a picture for the background, but incorporating traditional art became the real challenge. For the characters, I used drawing pens to give them definition and then I drew over them with color pencils to provide an old school medium.
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