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Ascendent: A Junior Conceptual Project by Isabella Kuhn (2014)

In my conceptual art piece I am exploring the idea of confusion while flying. I have recently traveled internationally and suffered from jet lag. When you have jet lag you never are really awake and never really asleep which alters the true reality of the circumstance. I wanted to convey the feeling you get when you first ascend into the air. A sudden feeling of lightheadedness and stomach ache feels. The foreground is a photograph I took inside of a airplane. It shows two windows with my fine art medium outside, as the viewer looks out.

The fine art medium I choose was acrylic paints, as seen in the windows of the photograph. I used primary colors, red, yellow, and blue, to convey the basic fundamentals of happiness, anger, and sadness. I was inspirited by Jackson Pollock's Post-modernism's artistic style. I blended the primary colors to create a sense of emotional confusion. When red, yellow, and blue are mixed together they usually form a brown-esk color. The color expresses the confusion of throughout the duration of the flight.
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