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The Desire for Rebellion: A Junior Conceptual Project by James Anderson (2014)

My topic for the mixed media project was the desire for rebellion. Everyone has some desire for rebellion on their mind. I used a man holding a spray paint can up because spray paint and vandalism are known for being rebellious. The only certain thing that is in this art piece is the man. I did this because I wanted to make him appear alone, like he is standing away from the rest of society following his own path.

I used reds and grays for this art piece for a couple reasons. The red is supposed to show the desire. When I desire something it can feel like a fire is burning inside me. The red is all around the grey, which shows the darkness of rebellion. The fine art that I used is in the background. The red and black stripes were made by spray painting a piece of paper. I decided to use the spray paint over any other fine art because I feel that spray paint is a very rebellious form of art. Overall my art piece uses color, solitude, and spray paint to show the desire for rebellion.
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