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Aspirations: A Junior Conceptual Project by Alexander Paulsen (2014)

My concept phrase is ''Exploring the feeling of guilt with the quick passage of time.'' I wanted to put this concept statement in a human feeling and/or experience, so I derived that guilt from the quick passage of time can be when someone passes up a good opportunity and later regrets that decision. I wanted to illustrate the passage of time with a skeleton, showing age and deterioration. The blended beach picture also represents time, time that is spent reflecting on the missed opportunity. I also included light painting to visually represent the lost aspirations.

I drew out a skeleton, traced it with ink, and scanned it into my picture. I used this process because I wanted the final piece to be edited in photoshop. The skeleton is the centerpiece of my picture. Also, I think a skeleton really exemplifies the feeling guilt, the nakedness and hardness that comes with guilt.
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