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My Peaceful Doors: A Junior Conceptual Project by Kiyoshi Taylor (2014)

In the Experimental unit I was challenged with using multiple artistic techniques to create the concept statement assigned to me in English. My statement was exploring peacefulness while accepting myself. In Design I used three different in styles to create my statement. I used Photoshop, Illustrator, and pastels to make the picture. I used Photoshop to and Illustrator to create the lines and the green floor. The doors were created in illustrator. The colorful background was drawn with pastels.

The green floor with the lines in the picture represent the cracks and borders that you have to overcome in order to get into a peaceful state of mind. The colorful background represents all the different moods you go through before you find your peaceful state. The doors are a symbol of the place you have to pass through in order to accept your self. The colors in the doors represent a peaceful state I enter when I'm in a feel peaceful and accept myself.
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