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Peel: A Junior Conceptual Project by Kyle Knochenhauer (2014)

The concept of my project is anxiety resulting from the quick passage of time. Many people seem to feel this as they get older and reach certain milestones in life, such as leaving for college or graduating from school. Time goes by faster than we can imagine. I represented time as an orange in my art piece because of the bright color of the fruit on the background of white. The bright color relates to time because of the awareness and visibility that we all have about time, with clocks and cell phones and watches. The anxiety, represented by the paint, builds up as the orange slowly gets smaller and deteriorates.

I used acrylic paint and Photoshop to make this piece. I put the photos side by side using Photoshop capabilities. I chose acrylic paint because I like the way it looks when splattered, and it is easier to get more vibrant colors than with a medium like watercolor. I chose not to pastels because I really wanted a splattery look to convey a hectic nature to this piece, and pastels don't splatter.
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