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The Absurd Reality: A Junior Conceptual Project by Laurel O'Such (2014)

My conceptual piece is directly related to the feeling of disbelief through the act of rebellion. As seen my project is a old tv with a photo collage layered on top of the screen. I wanted my overall subject to be the disbelief in society seen through these signs and statements we find to be racist or politically incorrect. These signs contain gay slurs, slut shaming and racism, with one different reading, ''embrace reality.'' I chose to color my collage in half black and white with the positive sign in color. The black and white is used to show the black and white areas of these peoples contrasting views and how everything is yes or no, black or white, with there being no grey or inbetween. Where as the positive sign with the colors incorporated is to show the coming of age in our present day society.

My fine art in shown in the old television. I used spray paint to create the piece on a slab of plastic, so that the art I created on the back would show through the plexi-glass. The spray paint also shows a side of rebellion and how we see that in our everyday lives. These people use their form of art on public places so it can be enjoyed by the public, but instead viewed by our society as trash and worthless.
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