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Peace with Transcendence: A Junior Conceptual Project by Nora Donovan (2014)

For this project my concept statement was exploring the feeling of dread when preserving memories. For this piece I incorporated my favorite yoga mat and used yoga as a way of communicating the stress and focus it takes me to not have old memories haunt me. I used a water color overlay on a black and white photo I took of my yoga space. I then outlined the hands and feet, printed them, then used oil pastel to bring some complementary color mix to the piece. I then used photoshop to cut out the yoga mat and the camera from my picture... which I then enhanced and placed them over the watercolor. The hands are representing my anchor that I have; with the orange, they are strained and all of my energy is forced to them. The photo frames represent the openings for memories to resurface and come alive. The camera is capturing the memories before they go into the frames. The yoga mat is my object of which I approach as a healing tool, but when trying to meditate it can become a mental war ground that I have to battle. The watercolor is there to have filter on what I see when I'm on the mat.
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