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Flying is Excitement: A Junior Conceptual Project by Peter Dyer (2014)

My theme for this unit was excitement as a result of flying. For my conceptual art project, I chose to create an image depicting earth from outer space. I choose to use this viewpoint because it gives the feeling of flight which reflects my theme. The excitement from my theme is represented by the shooting stars and fireworks in the piece. It is also a very interesting looking piece which captures the viewers eye.

Only about a quarter of the planet is in view and only half is is receiving light from the sun and the rest of the planet is in relative darkness. In the sky over earth, I drew fireworks to represent a feeling of excitement. I also drew shooting stars in space to contrast the fireworks over the planet. I drew the continents of Earth using colored pencil to give them texture and make the planet look more three dimensional. I drew clouds using pastel to make them appear realistic and overall, I thought this piece reflected my artistic abilities quite well.
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