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Nostalgia From Making Excuses: A Junior Conceptual Project by Richa Gopal (2014)

My concept statement is ''nostalgia from making excuses''. I used several objects to show the trigger of a memory that brings back the feeling of making excuses. I used a brown tiki necklace that was given to me by a friend. Although my friend held it over a volcano in Hawaii (for good luck), it actually didn't bring either of us much luck.

The tiki's eyes are big and blue, staring into my eyes and giving me flashbacks; Almost as if my friend is still looking at me and begging for help. Using a shredded paper effect, I felt it would be powerful because of all the excuses that were made (like canceled plans). The spray paint represents the throwback feel. I used paint brushes in Photoshop to add color along with removing the background of the tiki image.

In Photoshop, I used the quick selection tool to select the background of the tiki image. Then I added a new layer and drew scribbles of color, so then the tiki was just by itself with color scribbles in the background. I selected the tiki once again and copy and pasted it twice. In total, there were three tiki heads. Each tiki had a different type of color in the background. On top of it all, I used the eraser tool to erase in a horizontal line, giving a shredded paper feel. Lastly, one line is going under the tiki as if it was coming towards the viewer.
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