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Life: A Junior Conceptual Project by Rocio Robles (2014)

I am exploring the concept of anxiety when I see signs of aging. For my conceptual art I was challenged to express this idea in a way that is not literal to my audience. When you first glance at the artwork you see a mush of wild colors, and scattering objects, it does seem overwhelming at first and that is what I my audience to grasp. I want them to feel overwhelmed with anxiety in because in our everyday lives we see ads and commercials to keep our skin beautiful and younger, we find these workout programs to help us keep in shape in order to live a healthier, and longer life style. It's not uncommon for us to fear our time of age. We all dislike the idea of aging, some fear it more than others, and it is a negative sign of our death in the near future. Individuals are so consumed with the idea of beauty that we tend to lose ourselves in a never ending fall where we are too afraid to admit that we grow older each day.

For my background I used a medium of watercolors, and some ink. At first the colors for my background were too vivid, it did not represent the feeling of anxiety. I took my background into photoshop and changed its hue, and saturation to a lighter color. I used raisins to represent the signs of aging, I mushed the raisins into different shapes, and sizes to get and interesting effects of shades, lighting, and visuals.
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