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Hatred/Destruction: A Junior Conceptual Project by Sofia Biros (2014)

The concept for this piece was ''the feeling of hatred resulting from destruction.'' To explore this concept in visual form, I played around with the idea of an atomic bomb, which is in the center. The atomic bomb destroys everything in its path. In the foreground, I placed layers of picket signs that say various protest slogans. When people feel passionately about something, picketing and protesting is a way to show how they feel. This relates to my concept statement because often times, one can build a strong feeling of hate to the opposing opinion to what you feel passionately about. In the background of my piece, I used newsprint to show how word spreads and the impact of media on the public's perceptions of events-- and how these events can easy be shaped to make people feel hatred and resentment.

For this project, I used a large variety of mediums. Firstly, I used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, much like many of our projects at Freestyle. However, this project was unique because we incorporated fine arts into our pieces. The background is made out of newspaper spray painted and splatter painted with acrylic paint. I used the spray paint to add a feeling of chaos, because sometimes, hatred and destruction invoke a sense of disorganization. I scanned the newspaper in and put it behind the atomic blast. I printed this out in it's current size. I then began layering pastels on top of the blast to make it look like clouds and add the coloring. I used pastels because they're easy to blend to make the look of clouds and smoke. Lastly, I used construction paper and foam board to make the picket signs. I did this to provide a sense of depth in the piece.
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