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Traveling Elation: A Junior Conceptual Project by Thomas Wilson (2014)

The concept that I chose to explore was elation at traveling to a new place. Around the world there are many people and countries very different from our own. And while for some people this may be a bad thing, for the majority of us learning more about these places can be a challenging yet rewarding mystery. What may seem alien and crazy to us is in fact a barrier that, when overcome, can lead to the elation and joy that cause many to focus abroad and explore the world.

In my piece, I wanted to keep the effects and objects as minimal as possible. This is because traveling to a new place may be a big deal to the foreigner, to everyone else very little changes or is different. The background of the piece are a lot of bricks with which I have added a blue color filter to. That is because it invokes an odd feeling of confusion we get that is similar to witnessing the different customs of those abroad. But after a little amount of time, it should start to make more sense and in fact become the normal bricks that we so often see, just like learning about these foreign cultures. The magnifying glass that is zooming in on the bricks is there to illustrate the act of discovering the true nature of what is underneath. It is crudely drawn due to the fact that the effort put into discovering should be minimal and that it should occur naturally without much thought. It is depicting a bed of flowers that is obviously very different from the inanimate bricks. Thus what we find out about those different from us may be completely different from what we originally thought or understood at first.
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