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Hypnotic Serenity: A Junior Conceptual Project by Andie Burns (2014)

My core concept for this unit was the feeling of suspicion when listening to music. This gave me the idea to represent it with a siren, which is a creature from Greek mythology (very similar to a mermaid) that lures sailors to their death with its hypnotic voice. My experimental art piece has a siren sitting on a rock among the waves, with a ship in the background. Her voice is represented by the gold and black ooze, which is gold to represent the beautiful voice but turns black like an oil spill.

I used Illustrator to create the ship, siren, and rock that she lays on. The siren's tail is a picture that I found which looks more realistic than the illustrated part, and ties it in with the paper waves. I cut the different colored waves out of construction paper, arranged them, and took a photo with a noticeable depth of field so some of the waves are more in focus than others. I edited that picture in Photoshop, then took clippings of different waves and imported them into Illustrator on different layers so that the siren and the ship were between different waves.
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