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In the Face of Danger: A Junior Conceptual Project by Andre Conceicao (2014)

For my experimental piece, I am exploring ''the feeling of resignation resulting from an accident''. I decided to depict a nail getting beaten over the head with a bunch of hammers to show the moment right as one is giving up hope. The nail represents anyone who has ever had to give up hope in the face of danger. The hammers represent all of the problems that someone has to endure. With the background, I used cool colors that also have a dark connotation to them. The accident portion of my piece was hard to depict because it was tough to find a metaphor for an accident. I chose to have all of the hammers coming out of the corner of the page to show an unlikely occurrence, which is similar to an accident.

The fine art mediums I used were Acme pastels and black india ink. I used the pastels to show the colored background in a different way than usual. I blended the colors with my fingers and used different colors that I felt go together really well. The ink was a subtle yet effective way to show the motion of the hammers towards the nail who was giving up hope. I feel that my detail concerning the motion of the hammers was inadequate to show the randomness of the occurrence of hammers falling from the sky. At the same time, however, I think that the whole concept I drew was a difficult one to conquer and I did a very good job at tackling it.
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