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Rise of Lizog: A Senior Surreal Photo by Adam Poltorak (2014)

Imagine a world where the end of civilization has begun. The floods of oceans have destroyed cities and lives. The first of a new species has climbed the last existing tree. A wing starts to morph from below the creatures ears. It was once just an average domestic dog, however, it managed to salvage a dead lizard in the obstruction. With the new genetics, the dog morphed half of his body into a lizard and from there, used the DNA from its ancestors that could once fly. Every bird species, has been stripped of oxygen and fallen dead. The new creature was lucky enough to be around the last standing tree, supplying the last bursts of oxygen. The creature will fly up with the drops to salvage the minerals when his wings are fully grown. Adobe Photoshop and HDR photography made all of this possible. Helpful techniques in Photoshop were the clone stamp tool, layer masks, selection tools and texture mapping. Capturing the HDR photos of a lizard and dog was a challenge. I was fortunate enough that my dad had caught a lizard and held it for the camera. As for my dog, I took the photo while he was asleep.

This new species of a ''lizog'' represents natural selection and the ability for organisms to adapt and survive. In this surreal narrative, the organism adapts and morphs within hours what would realistically take billions of years. I wanted a dogs body to show how helpless the species is in a disaster. The lizard portrays prehistoric times and resembles a pterodactyl, powerful and fierce. The metamorphosis reveals the quick transformation from defenselessness to strength. The sky and smaller tree branch resemble the shape of birds to show extinction. I chose a triad color scheme with blues, yellows and oranges to represent a golden hope in consuming colors such as blues.
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