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The Death Jump: A Senior Surreal Photo by Collin Frietzsche (2014)

In this surrealist production, I used Adobe Photoshop along with HDR photography to construct an interesting juxtaposition of images. This image is made up of three main components. The first is the apocalyptic style city background with a mushroom cloud coming out of the city. The next is the water, which is masked over a bed sheet that had its own textural effect from the wrinkles when taking the photo. The third is the foreground image of a Hot Wheels racetrack. Using different textures and HDR I was able to morph the ground into water effectively making the track look like it is floating. The water then flows into the bombed city background. There is also HDR photography of an old car and Hot Wheels vehicle trying to escape the city.

This piece is a post apocalyptic interpretation. I used split complementary colors with orange and red hues and a compressed blue color that allows the other colors to pop. This effectively gives the image a feeling of depression with a slight hint of hope. The main component that makes up this piece is displacement masks. This method allows a user to overlay a texture on different parts of an image. We are inside a Hot Wheels world and must escape. Could you make it out?
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