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A Cup of Memory: A Senior Surreal Photo by Daniel Wilson (2014)

In this image a shiny teacup that is surrounded by fire appears to be spewing out musical notes and a giant picture frame from inside of it. The picture frame is textured with pebbles and contains a picture that is inflated like a sail but only connected by the four corners of the picture frame. The picture is a shot of a homework assignment that is being held down by a teacup that looks the same as the one surrounded by fire onto a orange plant. To create this image I used HDR photography to pull out the cracks on the cup, the colors of the pebbles, and the shadows in the orange plant. I also used a displacement mask in Photoshop to help make the fire reflection in the tea cup and the stone texture on the picture frame more realistic. The musical notes had linear light, glow, and liquify effects applied to them to give them a more fragrance feel to them.

The original phrase that I was inspired by was: ''Leaving behind a bittersweet memory and a cup of chamomile tea, its fragrance wafting to nothing in the empty room.'' Over time the original meaning was twisted into an idea of an intense memory coming from the fragrance of the tea inside the teacup. The background of fire represents the intensity of the memory, the teacup is the source of the intense memory, the picture frame shows what memory was brought to mind, and the musical notes are suggestive of fragrance because of their wavy nature and memory inducing properties. The color scheme that best portrays intensity and memory is the complement of orange and light blue; the orange really pulls out the intensity while the blue pulls out the focus, and the memory of that one ''F-''.
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