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Into the Mind: A Senior Surreal Photo by David Smith (2014)

This is a photo of my brothers face lying down, and I took it from a birds eye view perspective and he is upside down. This makes him look really creepy if you only focus on the eyes and eyebrows. I then added a mouth on his forehead because, in this topsy turvy world, people have mouths on their foreheads, with bricks for teeth. If you look inside the mouth you see that in his mind he is on a train, representing that he is on his journey through life. The background is the pillow I had him lie on. I used photoshop to make this piece. This is one of the only times I've used Photoshop on design project, and have mostly stuck to Illustrator. I enjoyed changing it up and using Photoshop, and the filters are fun to experiment with. It had really helpful tools like the warp tool, which I used to turn bricks into teeth.

I got the idea to take a picture of my brother in this position because, when I was little, my mom showed me a weird trick. If you lie down and someone looks at you from this angle, and only focuses on your eyes and eyebrows, then it can be really freaky looking. I put a mouth on his forehead to make it nonsensical, and used it as a way for the viewer to look into his mind. You can see that in his mind he is on a train, to show that he is focusing on his journey through life and is moving onto the next stage of his life. The background is representing the random thoughts going through his mind. My color scheme is red orange, yellow, and black. I chose it because I wanted a bright color scheme.
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