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The Modern Easter: A Senior Surreal Photo by Elizabeth Halliday (2014)

In my finished assignment, I have created a nightmarish reality out of Alice's Wonderland. I layered HDR photos of both (deliciously homemade) cupcakes and overlapped them with daffodils, then morphed them using Photoshop. Additionally I took extreme close ups of a wooden board, tire, and a horsehide brand. For these, I used the macro-lens to get the unique texture of each object to really show up within the photograph. I then layered the tire and the horse brand for a morphing effect.

For this project, I decided to explore the idea of juxtaposition between the environment and the modern world that humans have created. I used a complementary color scheme of dark violet against warm yellows and oranges to create a feeling of urgency and anxiety. Ultimately, I displayed how the modern world has trapped natural elements and the eminent possibility of Karma. That is why I chose to have cupcakes morphing from a daffodil and horse branding trapped inside of a man made tire. To add another sense of destruction and create a nightmarish setting, I added the, ''To Wonderland'' sign. Finally, I placed Bert the rabbit on top of the tire to signify that although nature may seem weak, it truly was something that humans took for themselves, and nature absolutely has the power to take the world back.
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