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Silhouettes: A Senior Surreal Photo by Alex Stuwe (2014)

The way I have objects transforming in my piece would be the five silhouettes of my model that I photographed. Each one is standing on a floating island and they are placed surrounding one big model. The four silhouettes are all whited out and slightly transparent to symbolize how society is all the same, while the bigger model in the middle has bright colored graffiti as the texture to symbolize that by being yourself, you are bigger and brighter and unique as a person. I used Adobe Photoshop for this project. I used it to make the graffiti HDR as well as apply filters and different effects to each aspect of my final piece. For the silhouettes of the model I used the pen tool to trace the outline and once it was completed I erased the inside, and filled it with a white color, and then made parts of the body opaque to symbolize how transparent society and the norm can be.

I chose to use graffiti because graffiti is a means of expression that allows the artist to create what they wants on the canvas being sprayed. The background I used is a cloud photo that symbolizes how much higher we are when we be ourselves and express our own creativity. I used a compound color scheme with the oranges in the graffiti to match with the clouds and to bring out the blues surrounding the graffiti.
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