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Foot Wire: A Senior Surreal Photo by Fiona Stolorz (2014)

My surrealist piece shows the metamorphosing of feet hanging from shoelaces, as opposed to shoes. The background shows a high-dynamic-range image of a landscape with abstract shapes at the bottom and a telephone wire stringing across the composition. There are several pairs of feet dangling from this wire. I used Photoshop to blend the feet with the shoelaces and to give the bottom of the landscape an extra dimension with the shapes seen. I overlaid a sand texture onto each of the feet to make it appear as if they have exaggerated veins, and to create a more surrealistic effect.

This piece is meant to emphasise the importance of our own feet. Many of us take for granted the privilege of walking in order to get around. This image is meant to capture the strain we put our feet through on a daily basis. I used an analogous color scheme throughout the majority of the composition to allow for the feet to stand out and remain a focal point. By having the background consist of colors close to one another on the color wheel, it creates a serene feeling. The white, dead-looking feet can then become more pronounced.
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