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Planet Shoreline: A Senior Surreal Photo by Gilles Laurent (2014)

For the background layer of my Surrealist piece I took a photo of the night sky with a full moon. The moon created a white glowing ring around it. I also took an HDR photo of thick, white clouds and layered it over the sky. For my focal point I chose to use a 180 degree panorama of the Shoreline amphitheater. Using Adobe Photoshop I stitched the photo together to make a sphere, and cut out the center. I copy-pasted a smaller sphere inside the other 3 times to make an inception effect. I used complementary color schemes of blue and orange and red and green. I also added a silhouette of a women doing a yoga pose on a rope that links the two shoreline tents. There are birds hanging on the tightrope upside down and the women is metamorphosing into a bird as she grows golden wings from her back.
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