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Skydiving Spiders: A Senior Surreal Photo by Haley Jones (2014)

For my surrealism project, I wanted to create a dream like image using unrelated objects as my focal points. I overlapped my HDR photography of clouds with a photograph of the night sky to make my background. For my foreground, I wanted to create the effect that people were transforming into spiders and were being poured out of a teapot. I then used the eraser tool on Photoshop and erased parts of the clouds to give the feeling that the spiders are falling through the clouds and to create depth. I wanted my artwork to represent the gap between the wealthy and poor. The teapot portrays the upper class and is larger than the other images. The spiders depict how the upper class views the lower class. I used a rectangle (tetradic) color scheme for this project.
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