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LOUD: A Senior Surreal Photo by Indigo Washington (2014)

My surrealist artwork depicts a stereo with a tongue coming out of it. The tongue is coming out of the top of the stereo where the CD should go. It also has teeth coming out of the opening. I didn’t really use any complicated techniques or anything. Mostly just the pen tool and effects that are already in Photoshop. I splashed some water on and then took an HDR photo of the stereo. There was also a lot of dust already on the stereo which was good for the HDR.

The meaning of this is the power of words. I choose the stereo because it can play the radio and CD’s and those both have words in them. The tongue was more of how words come out of mouths. My color scheme is complementary with pink and green. Pink because of tongues being pink and green because it is a natural, earthy color. That represents the fact that words are a natural thing that everyone comes into contact with and just like nature they can create or destroy things.
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