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Tongue tied: A Senior Surreal Photo by Isabella Graziani (2014)

In this surrealism unit in design, I created a photograph of a person's mouth with a long tongue sticking out which is then coiling itself around a piece of furniture. The tongue is very long, green and almost looks like a snake coming out of the person's mouth. Both the mouth and tongue look animated and the only real-life looking photograph is the furniture. The background of my photo is a picture of bricks and water that is pinkish red with low opacity. The bricks in the background look old, weathered and are somewhat out of place giving the background a surrealist feel to it.

I wanted to make this piece to show that humans are materialistic and feel the need to have a lot of things and therefore becomes monsters that are always feeling the need to consume things. This is shown through the tongue of a person constricting a material item. The color scheme of this photograph is complementary of red and green. I want these colors to cause tension in my piece to make it visually interesting. I chose the textures in the backgrounds to be opposite to also make it visually interesting.
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