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Uncertaining: A Senior Surreal Photo by Audrey Gerughty (2014)

In this piece, perspective is warped as the ground has become the sky and the clouds have become the ground. Someone is standing on a swing and it looks like they are about to step into the clouds. There is a sentence in chalk overlaid on the clouds. There are also blurred circles overlaid on top of the clouds. I used Photoshop to create this composition by cutting out the image of the girl on the swing and placing it on top of an upside down image of clouds and the ground. I placed the circles and writing on top of this and lowered the opacity of these images. I also put a drop shadow underneath the girl and the writing.

The meaning of this piece is that sometimes in this world everything feels upside down and uncertain and we never know where life will take us next. I think the dark tone of this piece captures the uncertainty and doubt I wanted to convey. The girl's face is also very pensive and adds to the overall effect of the piece. My color scheme is triadic as the most prominent colors in this image are red, white, and blue.
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