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A Rainy Day: A Senior Surreal Photo by Matthew Shearer (2014)

This picture shows a young man sitting on a stool by an intersection. He is holding a fishing rod. He is imagining he is by a river instead of in the city. I showed this by adding in a water texture to the pavement in the street and then adding a partially transparent layer of water over the intersection. I made the water start after the fishing pole because it shows his perspective versus what everyone else would see. It shows a transformation. This is also why I had him stare off in that direction. I used a few filters to make the lights look more like fireworks. To create this picture I used Adobe Photoshop to make use of HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography. I also used a few filters and raised the saturation to get all the colors from the street lights. To add the water I first wrapped a water texture to the street and then I added a low opacity picture of water over it.

This picture tells the story of young man with a vivid imagination. He is lost in his own imagination. The over saturation and firework like street lights show how its is a daydream. It is his escape from everyday life.
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