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Overwhelm: A Senior Surreal Photo by Mia Montanez (2014)

The main idea of my piece is contrast unified. The ocean at the top is representative of how life can be unexpected and uncertain, deep and cold. I often view the mountains as a calm stable element. You know they're going to be there on a consistent basis; something you can always come back to with a sense of certainty. I used the paint tool and splattered a variety of colors to cover the face of the man. Then, I used the pixel filter over him to give the colors a block like effect. I also used liquify to blend the waves into the mountains.

I used an accented analogic color scheme. I use many different colors, but they all have a dark deep undertone to them. Using four main colors and expanding tones from there. I reflected using the man how I felt about the ocean and mountains with a black and white and super colorful contrasting color scheme. When I get too deep into a content state of mind, it's very hard for me to break out of. When the unexpected happens, it's very hard to process see anything but the waves of life. I wanted high contrast within the piece, presenting them both at one time, to represent how many times when you become too deep into a certain state of mind it's hard to accept the changes that may happen. The whole point of my piece is acceptance of where you are, an open mind to where you're headed, and try to be clear with your feelings so that you have a way to express and appreciate where you've been.
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