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Lost in a Dream: A Senior Surreal Photo by Nicole Falsetti (2014)

In this surrealist piece, I attempted to incorporate the surrealist elements in life with reality. I wanted to show to the viewer that life can be enjoyable when embracing surrealist themes. Meaning, that surrealism can be embraced in your daily life as well as in your daydreams. In this piece, a boy and girl stand atop a mattress looking out into a cloud landscape. The cloud landscape represents the infinite expansion of time. The mountain top peaking up from the clouds represents lifes obstacles and surprises. I used tissue paper to represent the mountain tops that the two figures are standing on.

I used Adobe Illustrator to complete this project. I ran across a few problems when trying to incorporate layers but eventually learned how to effectively blend layers. I found this project creatively stimulating and I really enjoyed HDR Photography.
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