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Surrealist: A Senior Surreal Photo by Austin Sarinas (2014)

The metamorphosis you see before you is a orange that is being peeled apart. Revealing not the sweet orange fruit but a soccer ball. The soccer ball is worn down and has many scratches on its blue hexagon pattern. The background is a HDR photo of a worn down wall. The wall that you see is rust colored and looks like a lot of small canyons from space. The wall is split in half one side the harsh textures and the other a smooth red.

The deeper meaning behind it is the concept of finding a whole different person underneath their skin. The orange represents a happy person but when peeled off the person has their own scars. I used tertiary color setup for example the orange is bright orange reddish color while the soccer ball is gray and dark blue. Just like orange I tried the approach but in a way a two face like the character in batman. Smooth represents youth and the rough side represents age.
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