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Cornship: A Senior Surreal Photo by Paige Eller (2014)

In my surrealist piece I started to transform my focal point, which is corn, and morph it into a rocket ship. I wanted to keep an analogous color structure, so I stuck to yellows, blue greens, and yellow greens. I used a smoke effect on the end of my corn to make it look as if the rocket ship were taking off. I decided to take a beach photo for my background. I altered the color scheme, and hue saturation to stick with my analogous colors. I then rotated the photograph so the corn looked like it was shooting out of the sky and up into the land. I added people aboard my corn-ship to add more detail.

I chose to focus my surrealist piece around food. I like the idea of traveling to new places and seeing how food in other cultures is so different, unique and important. I thought by morphing my corn into a rocketship I was not only showing how corn can take you places, but how much it has evolved over the years. One day kale is the new rave, and the next day it's quinoa and acai berries. I decided to keep my corn in its natural state by keeping it yellow and vibrant. This decision helped me as an artist because I was able to choose my analogous color structure.
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