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Design Surrealist Art: A Senior Surreal Photo by Ryan Rosh (2014)

For this surrealist art I implemented 3 HDR photos, texture wrapping and multiple filters. The image as a whole was put together in Adobe Photoshop while smaller sections were created in Adobe Illustrator. I utilized a triad color scheme. Implementing yellows, blues and reds. To make the red water on the leaf pop out I amped up the green on the leaf to a more vibrant color. I used an HDR photo of a leaf and overlayed the texture of Mount Fiji with the Milky Way Galaxy in the background. The drops of water that have been turned into squares are a nod to Cubism. Also a haunted looking house in the bottom corner to evoke some halloween emotion.

I like to think of this as a beautiful yet ominous sky over an old haunted mansion. Where children are trying to break into in hopes of seeing a ghosts. As they walk up they look to the sky and see a beautiful mountain and stars through the clutter of leaves that makes up a tree. And as they walk toward the door they wonder what they will encounter.
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