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Toy Sunset: A Senior Surreal Photo by William Scheetz (2014)

In this surrealist project, I first started with a photograph of a sunset on the beach. Where the sun is setting, I replaced it with a globe, which is meant to show how we as humans are allowing the earth to become overused and are slowly degrading it until eventually it will be worthless. The transformation in my pieces comes in two elements: the sky transforming from sunny to a night sky, and the globe setting into the ocean. To create this, I used an HDR photograph of the beach sunset and then used masks and tracing to merge the night sky with it. Later I then used the pen tool and different opacities to make the globe appear to be setting into the ocean. At the top of my piece, toy planes are flying around, representing that we as humans do not understand the gravity and severity of the situation that our earth is in.

For my piece, I chose a beach sunset HDR photo because I want to show the viewer how beautiful and serene our earth is, and the night sky and setting sun represent how ''time is running out'' for us. The toy planes are meant to add an element of frivolity and lightheartedness to my piece, representing how most people view the state of our climate change and declining natural resources.
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