Freestyle Academy proudly presents

Green Highway: A Senior Surreal Photo by Christopher Thiem (2014)

For my surrealist piece I decided to show the co-dependency between humans and nature. The grassy road in the middle is the foundation of human design and ingenuity. The bright flowers on the sides symbolize the beauty of the world, while the beetle cars traveling the grassy road represent the mix of nature's resources and man's ingenuity. Obviously, car beatles don't exist but crazy ideas drive human creativity.

The project required us to shoot pictures in HDR. The pictures of the grass and flowers were HDR shoots that were filtered to have a surrealist effect. The hardest part about this project was finding a suitable picture for the beetle car, and though I conducted a lengthy search, I am still dissatisfied with the picture I found. Surprisingly, there are not many pictures of beetle cars floating around on the Internet. I would have prefered picture in reverse, the beetle body with car tires, but because I couldn't find that, I had to change up my design slightly. Overall, I enjoyed creating this surrealist work, mixing elements of nature and technology into one piece.
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