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Road to Nowhere: A Senior Surreal Photo by Blake Moran (2015)

The main focus of this piece is the morphing of the regular street into the sky as a male figure is walking from the street to the sky. He has his back to the viewer and is standing in a position where he is observing the sky from the street. I used HDR photography to achieve a somewhat dreamlike look. I also used programs like photoshop and illustrator to edit the photos to give a dreamlike effect.

The meaning of this piece is to show confusion and questioning of what is going on in your life. The male figure stands on the street looking forward as the street turns into sky. His life is confusing and he doesn't know what the future holds as the street he is walking on is no longer existent. My color scheme was a simple black and white because I wanted my piece to have a certain seriousness to it. I felt like color made the mood to light. With black and white the picture appeared more simple which contrasts the actual message of the photo.
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