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The Great Flood of the Modern: A Senior Surreal Photo by Carter Lee (2015)

This Surrealist composition is a suburban landscape on an average day, but the bullet has been fired and flooded the area, destroying what was once a beautiful area for all to see and turning it into a flooded ghost town. This composition was created using Photoshop, taking over 10 pictures of 3 different subjects at different exposures and combining them to create 3 HDR photos. Using a reflect and wave distortion I created a water like effect to look like the homes and area was flooded with the water pouring out of the bullet.

Violence, corruption, and chaos destroy everything, affecting people physically and mentally. When a bullet gets fired everyone is affected. The black and white was created to put a feeling of sadness into the composition. The big bullet casing represents all the violence and corruption in the world, and the flood represents the destruction it can bring if people don't change their ways.
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