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Rays of Pollen: A Senior Surreal Photo by David Lim (2015)

The transformation of objects, also known as metamorphosis or morphing, is a technique that is often explored and used in the world of surrealism. In my art, a seemingly normal truck has shrunken down, to the size of a miniature car; it could almost pass for a toy. The ground that the car is resting on, although hard to make out, is actually a textured glass that makes up the top of a table. The sun, has metamorphosised into a flower, a bright orange flower that has petals like rays of sunlight shooting out. I used Photoshop to create this image, a lot of filters and blurring were involved in order to get this final product. Techniques that I used were HDR photography to get the layered textured shots for my truck as well as my background and flower.

In my image, the truck represents the viewer or the individual. In the world we are in today, the world makes no sense and even where it loosely follow some form of logic, it feels overwhelming and arbitrary in the grand scheme of things. The world is represented by how crazy and wacky the surroundings are, a floor made of glass, a bright orange flower for the sun, even the shadows don't match up with where the " sun" is, but that represents something else as well. That there is always light, hope, elsewhere and the truck is driving free from his delusions to seek solace in another place, a more real and understandable place. My narrative is about how my character dives deeper and deeper into his delusions, but ultimately chooses to pull out of all it for a shot at reality.
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