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Life in Death: A Senior Surreal Photo by Gerardo Galicia (2015)

For my surrealist art piece I wanted to show my inner conflict of nature versus technology. I felt that I my inner desire of being outside was being compromised by my love for all things technological. In my image you can see a creature that is half man half machine lying dead in an empty world. The creature's head has a beautiful flower rising out of its dead body representing the circle of life. In the end I feel my piece shows that we can live a balanced life with nature and technology.

To achieve the look that I wanted I had to do a few things. To capture the images that I needed I had to go out and take some HDR photos, and then bring them into Photoshop. Once I had the images in Photoshop all I had to do was edit them to my liking. The final step was to balance out all the design elements and put everything together to complete my piece.
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