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Thorns of Love: A Senior Surreal Photo by Hiba Absar (2015)

A person is trapped in a forest of roses with no way out. The ground is imperious bricks and the sky is hard to see. The roses tower over the person. There is no clear path in the roses. The person is stuck in a small square clearing as if creating a room without any doors or windows. There is no escaping for this place.

The person is stuck in a bad relationship. I chose roses because they represent love and relationship. The colors are muted because they relationship is unhealthy. That is why the roses look dead and why everything else is black and white. The room shape gives it the feeling of being trapped. I also didn't leave any space between the roses because there is no escaping for the relationship. I left some color in the roses because there is love but it is a dark kind of love. The love is all consuming like the roses. I named this Thorns of Love because roses have thorns and this is the dark side of love.
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