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Untitled Surrealism: A Senior Surreal Photo by Isabella Kuhn (2015)

You are flying through a cloud. The cloud looks so fluffy, it warms you from within. A ray of sun shines through your window and almost blinds you. By the time the sun dots disappear from your vision, you begin to see a tall beautiful castle poking through the cloud. The wing of the plane flattens itself to form a pathway to guide you to your destiny. For all of the objects in this photo, I applied High Dynamic Range by taking three photos in different exposures and merging them together using Photoshop. I also used Photoshop to clarify the clouds and give definition to make it look like a realistic cotton candy floor in the sky. The castle is a regular building in Amsterdam that I added features to and changed the color to make it more castle like.

For this piece I wanted the viewer to feel like they were flying into wonderland. I displayed the wing as a road, so you don't feel like you're being trapped in a plane. I decided to use sunspots so you still get the feeling that you're in reality, but there are still some mystical vibes. The castle represents my dream of finding a home base of my own in this crazy world. My color scheme is black and white, with shades of gold. I chose gold because it gives the impression of success.
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