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Trapped: A Senior Surreal Photo by James Anderson (2015)

For my surrealist piece I morphed a photo I took of the Grand Canyon with some foosball players. There are 3 rows of players that give the piece depth and these rows of players seem to go directly into the side of the rock. On top of the photo I added a slightly transparent texture. The photo is of a wall that was full of texture and depth. On top, this gives it a look similar to the grain of an older photo but it also has very unique characteristics.

The story behind this photo is one of magnitude. Foosball and the Grand Canyon are not things people normally think go together, but I see a connection. On a foosball table the ball is stuck within the 4 walls surrounding it. When I visited the canyon I realized how steep the rocks really are. It would not be hard for something to get trapped in the canyon, like a foosball is within the confines of the table. The photo is black and white which gives it a vintage look that goes along with the filter style photo.
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