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Sunflower Cliff: A Senior Surreal Photo by Jodi DeMassa (2015)

I decided to make an illusion of a garden arch for my piece by putting together a sunflower seed for the stem and leaves that served as the petal to make the flower. I enlarged it because I wanted the flower to work with with the blue gloomy sky and the "cliff". The cliff was made out of a tree root. The whole of the composition reminds me a lot of Lemony Snicket's house from the Lemony Snicket movie. To do this, I used Photoshop to do HDR photography and a mixed brush tool to mix the cliff with the flower.I took on a RGB color scheme.

I used the mix brush tool in photoshop to attach the sunflower seed to the leaves. The sky was the last touch to set the tone.This piece symbolizes the importance in nurturing others and your environment. When you don't nurture your environment, the environment in turn doesn't nurture you. It is a lesson in reciprocity--what you give comes right back.
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