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Rose Eyes: A Senior Surreal Photo by Kiyoshi Taylor (2015)

A snail that has roses for eyes and a wiffle ball for a shell. The background image a combination of a the rose layered over itself creating a almost diamond like surface, which the snail sliding across. The main rose can be seen again on the eyes of snail and in inside the wiffle ball. The wiffle ball was reshaped to replace the snails originals shell. You can also see a Jordan coming from above and resting against the shell.

The main concept of my piece is to symbolise the journey a snail/ bug have to go through our backyards. The roses for that replace the eyes represent the goals of bugs. The shoe coming down is to represent the dangers that humans represent to the snails and how easily can crush the bug and end its journey. I choose reddish green color scheme to represent the colors of a garden with and red roses. The reason I put a wiffle ball in place of the shell was to represent the various objects that could land on the bugs.
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