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Glass House: A Senior Surreal Photo by Laurel O'Such (2015)

I used photoshop to create my composition using different techniques such as infrared, RAW and HDR photos, liquify, and distort. The image shows a new perspective on a dollhouse that includes foggy walls and amplified flowers covering the floor. I wanted to capture the feeling of a dollhouse with plastic and unrealistic tables, chairs, stairs, windows and doors. I also placed two people within the scene, one conforming to the fake, plastic world and the other confused by the situation and set apart from the conformity of the room.

The objects I chose for this piece was a dollhouse, glass, and flowers. My color scheme is called normal, because the only thing in color is what we find normal. Everything that is in black and white was what I found uncomfortable and foreign. The story of my project is about a man who has come in contact with something outside his comfort zone, and he is afraid of it. The generalization of my piece is someone not being able to see past the glass, or being stuck inside it. Imagine being stuck in a glass box and feeling okay with it, observing others without experiencing it yourself. One might conform and sit in the box, making a life for themselves and living by themselves in it, watching others and living your life through others. Another, would sit in the box and hope to get out of it, communicate, feel emotions, and experience life through doing rather than seeing. The man in my dollhouse wants to do rather than see.
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