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Small World: A Senior Surreal Photo by Maxwell Evans (2015)

My surrealist piece is, simply put, a box that contains its own world. Inside said box, you will find the traditional bodies that inhabit our Earth, that being the land and sky. The sky has clouds floating above the land's grass, which is dancing from the world's wind. The world itself is quite simple - nothing more than a grass field and some sky with clouds - but it is the coloring aspect that truly makes the world inside shine. Everything besides the world inside the box is gray (‘grey' if you're not from the land of freedom), which shows the observer just how important this small piece of world is. To make this piece, I used one of Freestyle's many cameras, put the photos into Adobe Photoshop, and edited them so that they would morph together seamlessly.

The story behind this is that a person is trying to preserve a small piece of their world in a box. The box's owner's world has gone gray, and the box contains what little color their world still holds. In order to not lose this color, the owner is sealing away this small piece of his world so that he will always have some vibrance in his dull world. In order to do this, I had to make the sky and some land seem much smaller than they actually were so that they could fit in a cardboard box. These sort of surrealist pieces have always been my favorite kind, along making small things look much bigger, and I wanted to do something similar. The color scheme for this piece an analogous relationship from light green to dark blue. In the end, I'm very happy with how this piece came out, and even though it took a bit of time to make, I think the results are worth it.
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